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Les Textiles Streaming

Les Textiles Streaming: A Guide to the French Comedy Film

If you are looking for a hilarious and original movie to watch online, you might want to check out Les Textiles, a French comedy film released in 2004. Les Textiles tells the story of Sophie and Olivier, a young couple who buy a house in a naturist village without knowing it. What follows is a series of funny and awkward situations as they try to adapt to their new environment and deal with their relationship issues.

Les textiles streaming

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Les Textiles streaming, including what the movie is about, who are the actors, where you can watch it online, and why you should give it a try.

What is Les Textiles about?

Les Textiles is a comedy film directed by Franck Landron and written by Landron and Laurent Chouchan. The movie stars Barbara Schulz as Sophie, Alexandre Brasseur as Olivier, Magali Muxart as Juliette, Jackie Berroyer as Paul, and Sonia Vollereaux as Colette.

The plot revolves around Sophie and Olivier, a married couple who own a bakery in Paris. They are bored with their routine life and feel that their marriage is losing its spark. One day, they see an advertisement for a house for sale in their own bakery. They contact the sellers, Paul and Colette, an eccentric elderly couple who claim to be selling their vacation home. Sophie and Olivier decide to buy the house without even seeing it, thinking that it will be a good opportunity to change their lives.

However, when they arrive at the house, they discover that it is located in a naturist village, where everyone lives naked. Sophie and Olivier are shocked and embarrassed by this situation, but they have no choice but to stay there until they can sell the house back. They also have to deal with their teenage daughter Juliette, who joins them for the holidays and falls in love with Gilbert, a young naturist.

As they spend more time in the village, Sophie and Olivier start to question their values, their prejudices, and their feelings for each other. They also meet various colorful characters who live in the village, such as Paul and Colette, who have a secret agenda; Adeline, a free-spirited woman who seduces Olivier; and the mystical woman, who gives Sophie some advice.

Les Textiles is a movie that mixes humor, romance, drama, and social satire. It explores themes such as naturism, sexuality, freedom, identity, and love. It also shows the contrast between the urban and rural lifestyles, the conventional and unconventional ways of living, and the old and young generations.

Who are the actors in Les Textiles?

Les Textiles features a talented cast of French actors who deliver great performances. Here are some of the main actors and their roles:

  • Barbara Schulz as Sophie: She is the protagonist of the movie. She is a baker who feels unhappy with her marriage and her life. She is curious but insecure about naturism. She is also jealous of Olivier's attraction to Adeline.

  • Alexandre Brasseur as Olivier: He is Sophie's husband. He is also a baker who feels bored with his routine. He is more open-minded than Sophie about naturism. He is tempted by Adeline but still loves Sophie.

Magali Muxart as Juliette: She is Sophie and Olivier's daughter. She is a rebellious teenager who wants to experience new things

Where can you watch Les Textiles online?

Unfortunately, Les Textiles is not available on any streaming platform at the moment. You can only watch it on DVD or Blu-ray, which you can buy from various online stores, such as Fnac, Amazon, Rue du Commerce, or Gibert Joseph. You can also check out the official website of the movie for more information and updates.

However, if you are looking for similar movies that are available to stream online, you might want to check out these titles:

  • Camping: A French comedy film directed by Fabien Onteniente and starring Franck Dubosc, Gérard Lanvin, and Mathilde Seigner. It follows the adventures of a group of campers who spend their holidays in a seaside resort.

  • Luna Papa: A French-German-Russian comedy-drama film directed by Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov and starring Chulpan Khamatova, Moritz Bleibtreu, and Merab Ninidze. It tells the story of a pregnant teenager who travels across Central Asia with her father and a young man who claims to be the father of her child.

  • The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band: A musical comedy film directed by Michael O'Herlihy and starring Walter Brennan, Buddy Ebsen, Lesley Ann Warren, and John Davidson. It is based on a true story of a family band that supports Grover Cleveland in the 1888 presidential election.

Why should you watch Les Textiles?

Les Textiles is a movie that will make you laugh out loud with its witty dialogue, hilarious situations, and quirky characters. It is also a movie that will make you think about your own values, beliefs, and choices. It is a movie that celebrates diversity, tolerance, and freedom.

Les Textiles is a movie that shows the beauty of naturism, not as a sexual or provocative practice, but as a way of living in harmony with nature and oneself. It is a movie that challenges the stereotypes and prejudices that surround naturism and nudism. It is a movie that invites you to be yourself and to respect others.

Les Textiles is a movie that will entertain you, surprise you, and touch you. It is a movie that will make you want to visit a naturist village or at least try it once in your life. It is a movie that will make you appreciate the simple things in life.


Les Textiles is a French comedy film that you should not miss if you are looking for a fun and original movie to watch online. It is a movie that will make you laugh, think, and feel. It is a movie that will show you a different perspective on naturism and nudism. It is a movie that will inspire you to be more open-minded, adventurous, and free.

If you want to watch Les Textiles online, you will have to wait until it becomes available on a streaming platform. In the meantime, you can buy the DVD or Blu-ray from various online stores or check out the official website of the movie. You can also watch some similar movies that are available to stream online, such as Camping, Luna Papa, or The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Les Textiles streaming. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave us a comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the movie. Thank you for reading and happy watching! d282676c82


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