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Trapcode Sound Keys Free

Here as promised, my latest experiments on the plugin Trapcode Particular , with a free download project files ! Program at this time, two projects fairly extensive mixing organic forms and visualization sound! (And a smaller bonus project ;))

Trapcode sound keys free

I'm pretty happy with this experiment, unexpectedly, obtained by playing with the new shading options Particular 2 and a big combo effects of post-production side to increase the Cell Shading. With a little simple setup based on a null object, the animation is generated entirely without any keyframe. Feel free to turn in all wiggle anims manual or synchronized sound for an even more cool ;)

Music! For this project, I wanted to try to combine the powerful Soundkeys Trapcode Particular with, in order to synchronize the sound quickly and easily. I left on a rig of identical particles, but in a totally different: here, up to the depth of field and light effects for 32bpc ;)


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