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Dose Twelve Indie Film 'LINK'

The proton dose distribution was individually measured for each sample using calibrated RCFs (Gafchromic HD-v2) placed immediately behind the back layer of the cell container. The films were scanned (EPSON Perfection V600 Photo scanner) in landscape format with all image correction features turned off with a resolution of 1000 dpi in transmission mode and saved as 16-bit grayscale tiff images. Scanning was done several days after irradiation to allow for stabilization of the optical density development post-irradiation. The scanner was calibrated with a NIST-calibrated transparent step wedge to convert the raw data to optical density (OD). The dose applied to the cells was higher than the dose applied to the film due to additional absorbers the protons traversed until they reached the film. This required multiplying the film-measured dose by a correction factor to obtain the dose applied to the cells. SRIM simulations, modeling the energy loss in the additional absorbers (5 μm cell layer, 2995 μm air gap, 3.6 μm mylar window, 3000 μm air gap) between the cell samples and the film, resulted in a correction factor of 0.9. By using TOPAS MC54 an independent Monte-Carlo simulation was carried out to study impacts from secondary particles, which SRIM simulations cannot address. The dose introduced by secondary particles was found to be less than 1%, and therefore considered negligible.

Dose Twelve Indie Film 'LINK'

The Myers character was created by filmmaker John Carpenter for Halloween, a 1978 indie movie that cost $300,000 to make and grossed $70 million, and he has surfaced again and again and again. That first Halloween movie spawned four direct sequels, a Rob Zombie-helmed resurrection of Halloween in 2007 that begat its own sequel, and a 2018 film, also called Halloween, that retconned every other iteration, launched a sequel in 2021 (Halloween Kills), and concludes with Halloween Ends, which is now available to stream on Peacock.


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